Time for Gold Digging Step Mom to Pay

78 photos; 9:27 video

My father was always choosing the wrong women. I never got along with any of his wives, but his latest bitch really pissed me off. She was stealing money right out from under his nose. Yet, he was blinded by love. But I wasn't! I was going to show my dad what a two timing, moeny stealing whore he was really with! I come home and find her looking all sketchy on her tablet. I know what she was doing. I grabbed her tablet from her after confronting her just in time to see her stealing over $50k from my fathers account, and transferring it to her own. I knew my dad wouldn't let her do this. When I ask her about it she immediately cops an attitude. The bitch was caught! I decide to tie her up, and then bring my father the news. I didn't want her to run off with my daddy's money. I have to subdue her which I do and then I tightly bind her. Her arms are bound above her head, and her ankles are crossed and meanly tied too. She is cleave gagged tightly. She drools of course, and I almost want to take additinal photos to use against the bitch. But I decide against it. I don't have time. She is crotch roped, and given a tight chest harness and then left to struggle, and pay for her evil gold digging ways.

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