Briella's Pregnant Bondage Compilation

Sit back and watch over 28 intense minutes of me... Very pregnant... and Very tied up. It's hot! And it's exclusive content. There is no where else you can find me tied up while being this pregnant. So I put together my three pregnant clips in one video just for you. You don't want to miss it! Its also discounted... it's a hot deal! Enjoy...


This clip includes:

Tying up my Very Pregnant Sister with Raven and Briella Binds - Briella comes home after a very long time away. She is now pregnant , and she has to tell her sister the truth... because she is out of money. She tells Raven that she is 8 months pregnant, and it's by Raven's husband. Raven can't believe her ears. She is pissed, disgusted and betrayed. "My husband?!?" Raven demands. Well one thing leads to another and Raven is now fuming mad, and after some words are exchanged she pulls duct tape out of her purse. Briella is so pregnant right now she is no match for this scorned woman. "I knew you would do something shady like this!" Raven explains as to why she has duct tape on her. "And I came prepared." She tightly binds Briella to the chair, and then stuffs two big, dirty socks into her mouth. She tightly tapes them in place. She pulls her big tits out. Next, she grabs her phone and tells Briella she is going to out her to the whole world by taking photos. Briella struggles, but Raven only gets angrier. Briella can do nothing but struggle, and cry into her gag


Briella Is Heated Part I: With Briella Binds -

This is a hot custom commission I did. One of the only bound videos I  would do while pregnant. So enjoy! This is a much longer story line with this custom  video. However, I have broken it up into parts. You will be able to purchase the full video. It is a unique idea in that it has a vore background with some pretty hot (no pun intended) and heavy pregnant and topless struggling scenes. To give you a bit of an idea I am supposed to be super hot here. I  have lots of oil rubbed on me to give the appearance that I am sweating profusely in my domestic setting of my bedroom. It should look disheveled so I  did my best to create that look. My wrists are cuffed with real leather cuffs as are my ankles, and I  am standing in sky high heels.

Clip Synopsis: Standing AOH: Wrists cuffed (preferred) or tied high over your head so there is some tension in your arms, standing on tip toes. Mouth gagged with a dark blue or black bandanna, tight between the teeth and under the hair. Ankles and knees tied tightly with rope or leather straps if you have them. Hair tied back or pushed back so your arms and underarms are in plain view at all times. Body oiled as described below. Struggle, moan and flex your muscles for ~10 mins.


This is What Happens to Pregnant Bitches who Don't Pay the Rent - With Briella Binds and Sydney Cyntana - Briella and Sydney have been living together for many years. They have always been good friends. But lately Briella has been slacking off. She doesn't see any reason why she should have to pay the rent... after all she is pregnant. That should give her a free pass... at least for a few months. Briella figured she was always a good roommate, now she wanted to buy some stuff for herself. She was soon going to be a MILF. On the other hand Sydney doesn't see it this way. When Sydney pays the rent, and Briella doesn't have her share she is pissed off. She confronts Briella when she gets home. Briella's smug reaction pisses Sydney off even more. Sydney KO's the pregnant  bitch, and then decides to tie her up.. tightly. Her wrists, and ankles are tightly cinched. Then her elbows are cruelly bound together. Briella wakes up like this shocked. She struggles but all with no ado. She's not getting out of this that easy. Sydney comes back with a large pair of panties, and stuffs them deeply into Briella's mouth (lots of close up views here). Then she tape gags her. "You're not going out.." she smiles sweetly at Briella. "I am going out, and I know where all your credit cards are and the pin." Briella struggles but there is no getting out of this one. Looks like Sydney is about to go on a shopping spree on Briella's dime, while Briella is stuck struggling, tied up, and panty gagged on the couch... all while almost nine months pregnant!

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