This is What Happens to Pretty Pregnant Bitches who Don't Pay the Rent

186 photos; 9:30 video

Briella and Sydney have been living together for many years. They have always been good friends. But lately Briella has been slacking off. She doesn't see any reason why she should have to pay the rent... after all she is pregnant. That should give her a free pass... at least for a few months. Briella figured she was always a good roommate, now she wanted to buy some stuff for herself. She was soon going to be a MILF. On the other hand Sydney doesn't see it this way. When Sydney pays the rent, and Briella doesn't have her share she is pissed off. She confronts Briella when she gets home. Briella's smug reaction pisses Sydney off even more. Sydney KO's the pregnant bitch, and then decides to tie her up.. tightly. Her wrists, and ankles are tightly cinched. Then her elbows are cruelly bound together. Briella wakes up like this shocked. She struggles but all with no ado. She's not getting out of this that easy. Sydney comes back with a large pair of panties, and stuffs them deeply into Briella's mouth (lots of close up views here). Then she tape gags her. "You're not going out.." she smiles sweetly at Briella. "I am going out, and I know where all your credit cards are and the pin." Briella struggles but there is no getting out of this one. Looks like Sydney is about to go on a shopping spree on Briella's dime, while Briella is stuck struggling, tied up, and panty gagged on the couch... all while almost nine months pregnant!

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