Bad Boyfriend Bound on Superbowl Night!

133 photos; 7:42 video

I asked my boyfriend to clean the house before he went to the superbowl party he was going to. But he refused. Instead he made more of a mess around the house leaving me to pick it up. I was fuming mad but I kept my mouth quiet. I found a receipt with some tramps phone number on it, and then I made my decision. Not only was this jerk a pig, but he was a cheater to boot! I suddenly had an idea. I tell him he can go to the superbowl as long as he let's me tie him up first. I tell him it's not okay that he should be the only one to have fun. He reluctantly agrees to let me tie him up. He didn't think his pregnant girlfriend could pack to much of a punch! Boy was he wrong! I bring him out to the garage and tie his arms up in the air tightly above his head. He doesn't like this. "Where did you learn to do that?!" HAHAHA! Once I have him completely bound and helpless I then take off his pants. He is now in nothing but boxers with his arms stretched over his head. His knees and ankles are tied. I tell him I am going to take some pictures of him. Of course he protests. I don't care though. I take lots of photos, and then tell him in a sweet voice that his boss would be receiving them as well as his entire office with just once click of my button. Of course he is now begging and pleading. How embarrassed would he be for everyone to see this big shot lawyer all bound up by his pregnant girlfriend!? I let him struggle for awhile more, and come back and tickle him till he can't take anymore. I shove a ballgag into his mouth. Of course it's pink and then I take more photos for the office. He is struggling but can't get out. I drop a few more things on him before I walk out telling him "it's over, he's not the father, and I am leaving him..." Oh yea... and he's not going to the Superbowl after all. Instead he will be hanging in the garage all alone! Paybacks are a motherfucker!

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