Ebony Socialite Bitch Invaded and Tied Up!

121 photos; 9:46 video

I saw Sydney on all of the major publications She was super hot, and starting to rise in stardom. I get word that she is going to be staying at her mothers home and it just happens to be near where I was going to be. I had daydreamed about getting back at this snobby bitch for years. Now I was finally going to get my chance. My fantasy was to sneak up on her and scare her, but more then that I wanted to steal all of her money. She won a contest that I should have won, and hence was unfairly rising in popularity. Payback is a motherfucker! I know she will recognize me when I get into her house, and not in a good way. So I come prepared to KO the bitch so I can carry out my plan. I peak in her windows, and then when I am sure the coast is clear, and see Sydney sleeping on her couch I make my move. I sit right next to the pretty bitch as she lays on the couch asleep, and then I shake her awake. When she comes too of course she is startled. She even gets a bit aggressive so I have to lay down the line, and I KO her easily. Then I grab my ropes and tie her up. I bind her ankles, knees, elbows and then tie her neck down to her knees. I know I am such a bitch! When she comes too she struggles and begs. "Take whatever you want. I have money, credit cards." I laugh and tell her I will, but first I want to have some fun with her! I then grab a pretty ballgag I brought with me, and I put it into her mouth. Aww poor bitch! I let her struggle and cry as I smack her, tickle her, and grab her large breasts. This is so much more fun then I ever could have imagined, and karma is a bitch!

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