Feisty Glamour Model Table Tied

8 photos; 9:02 video

Raven was hired to do a job as a glamour model. We did discuss that I like to push the limits when I hire models, and I would be paying her to start clothed, but she would eventually go topless. I gave her specific directions on the lingerie to bring with her. When Raven arrives it's clear she can't follow instructions. She didn't even bring the right color lingerie. When I asked her why she didn't follow my very specific instructions, she laughs it off. Uh-oh! This is not going to be a smooth shoot. Still, I decide to go ahead with the shoot. She is there, and she expects to be paid. Every thing I tell Raven to do she undermines. When I ask her to take her top down, she comes up with a thousand excuses as to why she can't. I am pissed and feel as though my time has been wasted. She is a major diva. I tell her I am changing the shoot up. I can't stand her smart ass mouth. I can think of nothing better then to shove a gag in her face. But then it hits me! I know what I can do. I had a bondage shoot planned with another model later in the week. Raven would be perfect for it. She wasn't going to like it, but she would do it. One thing led to another and I got the feisty bitch topless and tied on top of my table. She struggles and still gives me lip, until I put a giant doggie bone gag into her mouth! How do ya like that bitch?! She doesn't like it and she struggles as I confine her tightly into a very tight, and merciless hogie complete with her elbows sealed together, and her hair tied arching her pretty head back... way back! Now it's starting to look better. I give her some very hard and well placed ass smacks, and rough the pretty thing up a little. This shoot wasn't so bad after all I think looking at my handiwork, and a very unhappy diva model tightly table tied.

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