innocent Babysitter Subjected to Unfair Game of Cowboys and Indians

7:12 video

Raven is so tired of her job babysitting brats! Yet, she really needs the money as a broke college student. This last time she took a job babysitting things quickly got out of control. They wouldn't listen to a thing she said. The two twin brothers were real jerks! Raven orders them to get ready for bed, but of course they don't listen. They even have the audacity to yell at Raven and openly defy her. She is at her wits end. One thing leads to another, and somehow they manage to get ropes on her! Where did these ropes even come from and how the hell did they get so strong to overpower her? Before she knows it she is tied from head to toe. Something must have been slipped in her drink, or else one of them punched her because the next thing Raven knows she finds herself waking up on the floor in an actual hogtie, with a ballgag in her mouth! She screams and struggles, but its all to no avail. Nobody is there to help her, and they certainly aren't going to untie her anytime soon! What's worse is it's only the beginning of her night with them. She had hoped to put them to bed early, and have a nice night to herself watching some movies! Clearly they had other plans for their unsuspecting babysitter, and who knows how long this poor thing will be tied up like this if she can't free herself. The ropes are so tight... and so well put on her. Poor Raven just can't break free!

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