Busty Sherry Should Have Just Put the Cigarette Out!

7:53 video

Sherry knows I am pregnant and don't like to be around people who smoke. In fact, I forbid it from happening around me. My friends, especially my best friend and my roommate should know this is something that I don't allow. But the bitch proceeds to light a cigarette up right next to me, and when she sees I am getting pissed she blows the smoke in my face. I may be eight months pregnant, but I still have the same attitude I always had, and am not afraid to put a bitch in her place. I give Sherry one more chance to put the cigarette out. But she refuses, and even laughs at me. I am getting more and more angry. I push her inside the house after forcefully taking the cigarette out of her hand and I wrestle her to the couch where I easily KO her. She wants to press my buttons, she's not going to like what she gets in return. I tie her up, and when she comes too she asks "what the hell?" I laugh at her. By now her ankles and her wrists are cruelly bound. Her elbows are tied tightly behind her. She begins to scream, and I take this time to put a big ballgag into her mouth to shut the bitch up. I slap her big tits hard, and manhandle her. This little slut has the audacity to get snappy with me. I gave her a fair warning, in which she didn't heed. Now she was going to pay the price!  She struggles so hard she rolls herself from the leather couch and onto the floor. She begs and pleads but I am not hearing it. This bitch is going to learn one way, and one way only. She finally apologizes, but I don't believe her. Nice try but no cigar (ette!) bitch! Hot up skirt views (and she's not wearing any panties). Sherry is a great struggler too! Awesome clip!


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