Briella's Getting Heated Part II

14:28 video

This is a hot custom commission I did. One of the only bound videos I would do while pregnant. So enjoy! This is a much longer story line with this custom video. However, I have broken it up into parts. You will be able to purchase the full video. It is a unique idea in that it has a vore background with some pretty hot (no pun intended) and heavy pregnant and topless struggling scenes. To give you a bit of an idea I am supposed to be super hot here. I have lots of oil rubbed on me to give the appearance that I am sweating profusely in my domestic setting of my bedroom. It should look disheveled so I did my best to create that look. My wrists are cuffed with real leather cuffs as are my ankles, and I am standing in sky high heels.

Clip Synopsis:

Stretching/Roasting: I want you to be stretched out AOH and “roasted” while lying horizontally on  long table or something similar. I want your arms stretched straight over your head (arms parallel to each other) and your legs stretched out and spaced slightly apart. Wear a black or dark blue bandanna gag stretched tight between your teeth and under your hair, with struggling/moaning/flexing but remember you’re supposed to be pretending you’re stretched really tight. Use something that looks like “heat” lamps placed over your body at an appropriate distance to make you sweat but not burn. Use red bulbs to give more of a heating and roasting effect. I want your body to be completely covered in “cooking” oil (use baby oil – a light to moderate coat, not dripping) and spray yourself with water after a while to make it look like you are sweating. Also put heavy duty aluminum foil on the rack/table so it looks more like a "grill." Focus on overhead and side views

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