Barely Legal Babes Compilation

40:55 video

I put together an awesome compilation video featuring some of our favorite barely legal babes. This was one of our top selling videos for years, so I thought I would put together a second episode. So sit back and enjoy over 40 minutes of hotties.


This compilation video features the following clips:

19 year old Brunette is Spread out on my Platform - Featuring Kat -
Kat is such a conniving, little 19 year old jealous bitch! She thinks it would be awesome to spread rumors to get back at me for being so awesome! One of my favorite things is to take up space in people's heads! It's clear that I am all she can think about day and night! She's turning into a stalker! This last time she acts out I decide to invite her over to "talk" about things. She would do absolutely anything to be accepted by me! It will never happen bitch. I think she's a complete loser! Still, I confront her about her dumb accusations. She tells me she's guilty, and she's only spreading rumors because she's jealous of how beautiful I am! Flattery won't get you anywhere with me. Nice try but not today cunt! I know who I am, and can care less what she thinks one way or the other. I get pissed at her remark! Can someone actually be that insecure?! Apparently so! I am about to fuck this slut up! She doesn't want me to tie her up! Hmm! I wonder why?! Could it be because she would have no control over anything, and I am a mean, sadistic bitch?! Yea probably so! I show her the platform I am about to tie her on! She thinks apologies will solve all her problems. I let her think it will all be okay, but really I just want to get her in my ropes! I pull her elbows so tightly together she screams. I am laughing at her predicament. Sucks to be you, my little 19 year old beauty! She's so hot, and so fucked all at the same time! I tie her wrists tightly together, and then bind her knees. Take that little missy! I tie each of her legs to either side of the platform nice and snugly. I gag her with several layers of vet wrap. I add a neck rope which arches her head down cruelly. She's now spread out and arched in three different ways! I love her predicament. She cries to be released, but it's not happening bitch! Cry me a fuckin' river mama! I take her heels off her throwing her off balance. Her long, luscious hair keeps going into her face so I add a mean hair tie, and then layer her head with duct tape tightly. She moans and struggles against the ropes evilly binding her. But she's screwed. I add a crotch rope next. She's so innocent but this bitch is turning into a very finely tuned vixen! My Beautiful Star!

19 Year old Nicole Foxx Learns the Hard Way - This is such a hot clip last year and one of my all time favorites! It was released originally on 11/9/13. Now rendered in much higher resolution. This was also our top clip for a couple months, and held the number 1 spot on the top 50 clips in bondage at one time! If you haven't already seen this clip you should definitely see it now! I guarantee you will be happy you did! Clip Synopsis: I really don't like two faced bitches! You know the type who say one thing, and do an entirely different thing! Those type of friends I can do without! Nicole Foxx just hasn't learned her lesson yet. I thought I would take her under my wing, and show her a thing her two, but once the trust is out the window I am done! But she still has to learn the hard way! This little 19 year old tramp is bound to learn a lesson beginning here and now! I invite her over, and once she is there I quickly seize the opportunity. Ignorance is no excuse to run your mouth and do ignorant things! She hasn't grasped the concept of maturity yet. That's okay. She's still young. She has time. I grab my ropes and brutally tie her legs into a frog tie. I put my OWN spin on this tie and turn it into a hog tie. This trampy little prima donna is getting the works Briella Style - Without a Patent! She is so utterly limp! I love playing with her limp body. I ragdoll her repetitively. I elbow her and tie her wrists tight, Then I kick her to wake her up. I want her to be aware of the next thing I am going to do. I take her punk rock princess tennis shoes off her, and what do you know! She is wearing some funky colored socks. I put those into her mouth and stuff it wide before duct taping several layers of duct tape over her head. She struggles with all her might, but its just not good enough. I think its time she goes back to lala land. This young thing has extra spunk and just won't stop fighting! I cross her ankles and then tie her feet too. She doesn't like that. I tickle her mercilessly. Now its time for the hair tie! I was going to go easy on the babe! But decide to turn up instead. I hair tie her, and arch her all the way back. Then she wakes back up after a couple hard ass smacks! Wake up bitch - I want to play!! I end with a tape blindfold and leave her there to struggle the night away!

21 Year Old Sophie Sweets First Audition - Sophie just moved to a bustling new city. She's a college coed, and broke. She heard about a place she could go to be auditioned for some modeling work. She was so desperate to work just to make a few dollars that she'd practically do anything within reason. When I saw the young 21 year old beauty queen I knew I wanted to work with her. I could only imagine how good it would feel to tie this pretty thing up. She was so petite and exactly my type! I tell her that I will help her out and pay her for a shoot as long as she's willing to do "Anything" that I ask of her. Albeit, quit nervous Sophie agrees. I can tell she's nervous from her body language, but she's willing to go with the flow for some cash. I tell her that the only thing I have on the agenda for her today was bondage, and I tell her my bondage was going to be tight. She agrees to it. And I am soo excited! I know I am corrupting this gorgeous girl, but I really don't care. I begin by tying her wrists, and her elbows slide together with absolutely no work from me. It's so nice to have someone so flexible and bendy. I breast tie her, and she tells me the ropes are tight. She asks me to lighten up. I tell her no way! If she wants money from me she has to grin and bare the terrible pain. She struggles from the get-go which I like. I push her down to the ground as I continue tightly binding her. She seems to be taking it pretty well. So I think -until she begins having second thoughts and begins to really be frightened. I remove her heels, and tickle her feet. I roll her onto her belly, and put her into a brutal hogtie. I add a crotch rope, and she doesn't know what to do. I take my well worn panties and stuff them in her mouth. I happened to wear super big panties just for the poor bitch who I ended up tying up! The panties are huge! After I stuff my panties into her mouth and duct tape them in: I finish the hogtie. I don't stop there. I add a tight rope headband, arching her head all the way behind her. Then I leave her. Sophie passed my audition.

Abby Plays Briella's Game - Of course after what a great job Abbie did for us we brought our young hottie back for another shoot! Only this time she knew it was going to be much harder. She passed her introductory test with flying colors. But what came for her tonight was going to be another story all together! Things were really cranked up on the hot bitch! We wanted to see if she could hang... Literally... Did she pass? You decide... But we say she did amazing as usual! Our exclusive model surely will impress more then just us. She will rock your world too. Briella only hires the cream of the crop. Not only is she young and beautiful but she is tough as nails to boot! She is in the process of transitioning from glamor model to a tough bondage bitch! We broke her in easy... till tonight! She's already elbowed, and then I put her legs on top of the come-along. I crank her higher, and higher, until she is hanging upside down. I have her neck attached to a collar which is attached to a D ring. Every time she gets cranked higher the neck chain tightens. Then it's time for a crotch rope...and of course I cunt bust her with it. SO it's a cunt rope. I tickle her to loosen some of the tension, and she is so ticklish. I undo her satin shirt, exposing her lacy bra. I fondle her perky tits. Then I take her heels off for a little foot play. Her feet are sooo ticklish! I take turns slapping and tickling her feet. Then I tie her ankles. This game is for advanced players! Not for the weak. I add a breast rope. Then I unhook her neck, because she is going much higher! Soon she is hanging upside down like a bat! I add a rope from her breast tie which hangs her tighter, Take that bitch! I take off my pantyhose, and stuff them in her mouth, and then tape it shut... But I am not satisfied... This is not brutal enough...So I take them out and add a bit gag into her mouth with an o ring on it. From there I tie her gag to her breasts, and really arch the tramp up good. This is one brutal clip, and she is one bad bitch! I am glad she's Team Briella! Welcome back Abby!


We hope you enjoy this compilation video of over 40 minutes of hot barely legal action

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