Now Your Just as Tiny As I Always Said Your Penis Is!

5:31 video

S0 here is more exposure to a unique and different type of fetish. Have you guys ever though about being shrunk and what would happen if you had a giantess angry with you? Well here you can find out... Something different then straight bondage...and I like to spice it up for you guys..


Vanessa found out that her lying, cheating scum bag boyfriend cheated on her. What was new? He did this all the time. However, this time Vanessa was mad so she went out and bought some shrinking powder. (Off camera) When the camera picks up her boyfriend has gotten the powder on him, and was completely tiny. Now Vanessa was finally going to be able to get justice. Karma is a bitch.... Then you shrink one. Vanessa could tell her boyfriend was horrified. She didn't care. All she had to do was remember how disgusted she felt when she found out what this fuck boi had been up too. She tells him all sorts of things she planned for him as he stood there so miniscule and shaking in his boots. She said she could eat him, but then she would have to taste him... but she knew her hydrochloric acid would definitely do the trick with him in there, and she wouldn't have to see him again until he was in the toilet... where he belonged. But then she decided rather then just to tell him she would show him. She lifted the tiny fucker up, and she put him in her monstrous tits. She shook him around a bit then asked, "Dizzy?" She then proceeded to put him back on the floor where she taunted him with her giant ass. She could let him run around in her pussy, but she didn't want him to have the opportunity to get that close to her. She saw him running around on the floor, but what was he too do? Well Vanessa's feet were real dirty, and she really loved the idea of stepping on him like a piece of dirt that he was... so be it. She made her decision. What do you think that decision entailed? All we can tell you is for fuck boi it's not a good look.

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