My Big Titty Dominatrix Replacement Put in her Place With Sherry Stunns

9:00 video

Today we welcome yet another new face to Briella Binds Productions. Today the very sexy and busty Sherrry Stunns came over to shoot some customs with me. I thought it would be awesome to tie her up. She just has one of those bodies which you know will look good in bondage. I decided to put her in tape instead. She is an amazing struggler and an escape artist. Welcome to the team Sherry.

Just a brief intro as to what the clip involves: Sherry is my dominatrix replacement. I am sure you have all seen the sexy bitch in dom shoots before. Well today I was going to turn the tables on her. I was going to have to take a step back from working at the Dominatrix club I worked at, and Sherry was interviewing for my position. Except, I was pissed. I didn't want Sherry to take my place.  So you can say I had a bit of a chip on my shouler from the get.

I cop an attitude with the sexy bitch, and of course she does the same in turn. We both bicker until I had enough. This bitch was about to be KO. For real! Once she is KO I play with her limp limbs ragdolling her just to make sure she is completely out. She is so I strip her. I use lots of tape to bind her in place. I end up making a hogtie concoction out of several pieces of tight rope. She is topless and I tape her large breasts up. She wakes up and tries to get away. She struggles and escapes my tape bindings. She puts up such a good struggle it's awesome to watch. When she takes the tape off of her, especially from her breasts she screams in agony. Yes, this is one hot clip. Check it out, and we will be seeing much more of this sexy big breasted bitch soon. Also check out her femdom clip on my other site.

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