Hardcore Handcuff Compilation

43:01 video

Sense I just got new handcuffs in the mail after just moving into my brand new home I decided to make a compilation of handcuff videos. You guys love compilation videos, and this compilation clip has the following videos on it:

Horrible Handcuff Prank: Starring Briella Binds Productions and Anthony Peters

After shooting with Hunters Lair and Milf GG's clip store I decided to go to Anthony Peters house afterwards since he lives within minutes from their home. When I arrived Anthony was so excited to show me his new handcuff sets that just arrived from off ebay. I decided to let him try 1 pair on me, but this ended up going to three pairs then four...then.. After a few minutes I was sick of being his test dummy and wanted to be out of his clutches. This is when Anthony tells me he doesn't know where the keys are. I think he is joking at first, but soon come to realize he really doesn't know where the keys are! I just wanted to stop by and show him my sexy new skirt from HOT Bonds. I never signed up for this torture. The handcuffs begin to dig into my flesh, and I want out of his grasp. I beg him to go and get the key, but Anthony sits there amused. He next cuffs my elbows extremely tightly together. I can't budge them apart. He grabs a department of corrections chain and a steel spider gag and adds this on me too! What the hell? He puts the gag in my mouth without even asking! I hope he is about to take these cuffs off me soon. They are sooo not comfortable! He still tells me he doesn't know where the keys for the cuffs are! He then tells me he is going to put more cuffs on me. He will worry about taking them off me later. You can imagine how I am feeling. I don't want the cuffs on me that are there already - let alone to allow him to put more on me! I wasn't having it, but in the position I was in I was helpless. I begin to freak out and tell Anthony to find the key "NOW!" but he doesn't do that. Instead he cuffs my ankles and laughs at my misfortune, I struggle within the tight cuffs but I know they aren't going anywhere until Anthony gets the damn keys! Anthony allows me to struggle like that for awhile and then comes back with a set of keys. In the meantime he is going to play with me by adding more cuffs. Now he puts me into a hog-cuff tie. He takes the steal gag out and puts an even bigger ball gag into my mouth. I tell him no again, but he still thinks this is hilarious. He takes my top down and manhandles my tits - jerk! Anthony says he is having so much fun ... But I am not! He tickles and cracks my feet then puts a small pair of brutal cuffs on my big toes cuffing them together, and another pair of handcuffs on the soles of my feet. Next he brings out the leg irons and more chains! Finally after leaving me connected to the beg from my neck and ankles he comes back with another set of keys. This time they work. Does he let me go? Absolutely not! Instead he tightens the handcuffs and cuffs my wrists to my ankles on both sides. This hurts even worse. The chain around my neck is pulling me forward and arching me tightly. I can't wait to get out of these cuffs! Anthony is going to get it for this one!


Captured and Hogcuffed Starring Briella Binds and Jim Hunter -
He captured me stuck me into a very small cage. I struggle trying to break free before he comes back for me, but have no luck. My arms are painfully handcuffed through the bars behind me, and my ankles are cuffed too. I am screwed. I make my way from a kneeling to a standing position somehow and just I suspected he comes back to get me. He orders me to stand up, and takes me out of the cage, after cuffing my elbows brutally tight together. I have a large red ball gag in my mouth, and all I can do is plead through my gag for him to free me. He doesn't. When he takes me out of the cage he puts me into a much tighter predicament. He pushes me into a kneeling position and then onto my belly where he attaches more cuffs and before I know it I am in a cruel hog-cuff position. I beg to be released, I pray this ordeal will be over sooner rather then later! Make Sure you don't already have this hot clip!


Catburglar Bitch Caught Cuffed and Chained : Starring Kelly and Briella At home minding my own business when this tall whore came strolling into my house decked out in a shiny, gold catsuit. It didn't take me long to realize this bitch was the same woman who I found in my house with my husband! She ran out the door before I could confront her. She must have thought I was gone, and now here she is. I have the perfect opportunity to make this big breasted bitch pay for her misdoings! Immediately I slap a pair of cuffs on the whore, and push her down to her knees. "Your crazy" She screams. I wasn't the one in her home! I waste no time in putting the cold metal cuffs on her hands too. This gold-digging whore was fucked, no two ways about it! I push her down hard onto her belly and put her into a brutal hogcuff. I grab a chain and tightly bind her elbows together. She screams in pain. I cuff her sensitive soles, and give her a few well placed ass smacks. I gag her with a leather gag. She screams and moans in pain. I grab her long, pretty hair  and tie it down to her feet. I leave this pretty, big titty babe crying the blues in an evil hogcuff! One things true sooner or later karma shows up ... karma's a bitch!

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