Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is You Chubby Bitch

10:01 video

Vanessa tells me how bad she wants to work for me. This is her welcoming clip. She is excited, and I welcome her to the team. I love breaking in new girls. She is a little chubby, but that's okay because my fans LOVE BBW's. She thought she was only coming over to do a custom, but then I had a great idea of involving her in a little bondage. She really needs the money so she agrees. I decide to bring her in with a bang. I know how hard zipties are. Those things really hurt. Vanessa is going to get them extremely hard. Her eyes go big as I explain that zipties in my humble opinion hurt the worst out of any of the different types of bondage material to tie someone up with. However, she tells me she "just wants to impress me. She feels so lucky to work with me." She was a fan for many years and when I called her to do a custom, well she was excited... to say the least. "Are you ready you pretty chubby bitch?" I ask her. I slap her with the plastic zipties and it stings. I almost feel bad for the bitch. Her eyes are so scared. Yet, I am not one to back down. She wants it so I will give it to her my way. I ziptie her legs so tightly to the chair she shrieks in pain. Poor girl! Then I do her arms tightly. Her wrists follow suit. She is completely bound now. I stuff some dirty socks into her mouth and tape her. Good girl. She moans and cries in pain. I don't know if she is liking this.. or just the pleasure of the pain... Either way she's doing an excellent job. I then ziptie each one of her large breasts. She doesn't like this... but doesn't say anything. Could she even if she wanted too with a mouth full of socks?? LOL. I tighten the getup up with duct tape just to add an extra layer of pain... Because I am such a bitch!

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