Custom 24 Hour Domination with Some Help from the Water!

9:39 video

Custom Script: Hello, I love the clips you do with Riain and would like to request a custom one.  I would like you to dominate Adonis where with you get him wet fully clothed, then stripped down to just boxers or briefs (white preferably).  Pool scenario would be my first choice followed by the shower. I was thinking about a 10 minute video would be great. Hope to hear from you either by return email or on Skype

 Storyline: Adonis should have known better. I was sick of men in general, and he was the worst of the worst. With his name alone, he obviously thought he was some kind of God. Well he was a sick bastard who was about to feel my wrath. He wakes up after being KO for over 24 hours, and he is groggy. His legs and arms are tightly taped to the chair he is sleeping on in a rather uncomfortable position. His legs really hurt too! What happened? He had no idea what was going on. Poor thing. I almost felt sorry for him. I watch him struggle for awhile before meanly pulling off his tape gag. I know from the look in his eyes this hurt... bad. And that was exactly what I meant for it to do. I let him struggle and he says some stupid things. He has the audacity to talk back to me! HAHA! He clearly doesn't know who he's messing with. I grab some ice cold water and pour it over his head. He doesn't know what to do. He continues to struggle.. So tired and weak from the stresses of the night... He doesn't even know what time it is. I make him stand, and although wobbly I march him into the bathroom. I have the shower set to ice cold water. I think the jerk needs a little waking up. I shove him into the water... his clothes and all. He can barely open his eyes. I laugh and slap him across the face for talking back to me. When his clothes are soggy and wet I make him strip them off and stand in just his stretched out underwear. They are so stretched from all his struggling. Poor thing. As if he actually thought he could outsmart me. A head dominatrix. When I see his attitude isn't at a place I like I decide he's going to be tied up for another 24 hours... and maybe...just maybe we will try this again tomorrow...

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